At Lessonbox, we provide specialist High Definition video lesson Recording Systems alongside a world-class Cloud platform that lets you upload, share and collaborate on lesson recordings to enhance teaching and learning

What we do?

Who are our customers?

  • Primary, Secondary and Special Schools
  • 6th Form Colleges, Academy chains and Multi-Academy Trusts

Why Lessonbox?

  • Lessonbox has lowered the entry cost for world-class CPD and training solutions
  • Lessonbox Cloud is a University grade video platform exclusively available to mainstream schools

The benefits of Lessonbox…

  • Anyone wishing to use video to support training and / or deliver video resources online can benefit from Lessonbox Systems
  • Lessonbox Cloud is a University grade video sharing platform that is now available to mainstream schools
  • The entry cost for world-class CPD and training solutions has been lowered by Lessonbox from £’000s to £’00s
  • Whichever best suits your budget, Lessonbox Cloud and Systems can either be purchased individually or together as a Bespoke package
  • For more information regarding your tailored Lessonbox package, please visit our Bespoke page…

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lessonbox cloud

Upload your lessons to our secure educational platform from any device

  • Compatible with uploaded video, audio and images from any device (Lessonbox Mobile, iPhone, FlipCam, iPad etc)
  • A personal Lessonbox for each user – teacher or student
  • Moderate media before sharing – all media can be kept private and only shared on the user’s terms

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lessonbox cloud

Record your lessons using a Lessonbox Mobile or Fixed video system

  • Powerful and versatile tool that allows teachers and students to learn from their activities
  • Fixed system is self-contained and is operated locally by the teacher
  • Lightweight and easy to set-up and operate, Wireless Mobile systems may be used in virtually any location

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Why use video for teaching and learning?

Video is a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. Staff, students, leaders and parents can now engage with video in ways that were unattainable several years ago. Listed below are some of these and how they could help your school. New ones are discovered all the time.

Lesson observations are a key factor in a teacher’s CPD, normally requiring a

Self Evaluation
Turn every lesson into a professional development opportunity. Lessonbox is

Best Practice
All schools have great teachers delivering outstanding lessons to

Flipped Classroom
Flipped classroom (also flip teaching or reverse teaching) is a teaching model in which