11 Star Wars classroom resources for teachers (Number 3 is inspired)


It’s unlikely it’s escaped your notice but there’s a new Star Wars movie coming.

The first film Episode IV was released 38 years ago in and so there are plenty of teachers in schools today who have grown up with the George Lucas films as part of their childhood and want to pass on their love of the epic saga.

The characters are enduring and the values that can be taught by them – friendship, bravery, and loyalty are as relevant now as ever. With the excitement building every day as the launch approaches at the time of writing, we thought it’d be good opportunity to round up some ways you can use the force in your classroom.

There are plenty of Star Wars teaching resources out there (and the brilliant starwarsintheclassroom.com is the daddy of them) but we particularly like this selection, which covers a range of subjects: –

1 Literature: The Empire Striketh Back : Huge resources linking Lucas’s class story telling to Shakespeare

2 Comparing: Hamlet and Anakin Skywalker

3 Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth and the importance of the Hero

4 Music: A conductor speaks on the use of Leitmotif in the John Williams score in this podcast

5 Mathematical practices of Jedi Masters

6 History: Star Wars and Dam Busters

7 Politics: Democracy versus Dictatorship

8 For Computer Science Week 2015 you can Build a galaxy with code

9 PE: Star Wars Jedi Dodgeball

10 For younger children you can encourage fluent reading aloud with the droids

11 This poster uses Star Wars to help with classroom management morale and behaviour

Have you used Star Wars to engage your pupils? Or did we miss something crucial from this list? Let us know.

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