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Twitter is a great tool for sharing resources, understanding what’s going on in other settings and getting peer to peer opinion and advice as well as showcasing what you’re doing. Lisa Pettifer,  Head of Professional Development, SLE and Teaching School Coordinator at a large secondary school in Cumbria, speaking in a live chat explained this really well: Don’t underestimate the value/implications of Twitter and blogs within the ‘big pictures’ of edu debate, though. I heard Nick Gibb speak last week, and he admitted that some teacher blogs have influenced government policy. In the first of a series of posts about how social … Read More

Myth Busting – video recording isn’t complicated or technical

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The recording revolution - using video in your classroom

There’s a common preconception that recording video in the classroom is a stressful and technical process with trailing cables and large cameras providing a distraction to the students. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. With Lessonbox all the “kit” is kept in one case. Simply flip open the box and you’re ready to go. All you need to get started is a flat surface and a power socket for the integrated laptop. Wheel your Lessonbox case into the room you want to use.. Lessonbox’s simple to use wireless cameras and microphones have batteries that last all day.  Simply place … Read More

Using Video for CPD

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Myths about using Video #1 Is using video to help with CPD a waste of time? The old adage “every day’s a school day” is truer still for those who teach. Continuing professional development is not only an imperative for Ofsted but also an important part of every teacher’s career progression, whether you’re newly or recently qualified or have years of teaching experience under your belt.  So is using video a waste of time? In short, no. If a lesson needs to be observed, it can be recorded without the observer having to be there at that time. One of the … Read More

Using lesson recording systems to demonstrate best practice

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lesson recording systems

Outstanding lessons are taking place up and down the country every single day but sharing these examples of great practice, even within the same school can be tricky. In-person lesson observations are one possibility but they require other teachers to leave their own classes to spend time in a colleague’s classroom. Having a colleague standing at the back of the room can also change a classroom’s atmosphere and ruin the circumstances that help to create an outstanding lesson. One alternative solution is to use lesson recording systems. These systems can be unobtrusive and allow other teachers to review best practice … Read More

Video Lesson Observation Systems – are they intrusive?

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video lesson recording systems

Information on video lesson observation systems Video lesson observation systems can be a very useful tool for CPD in schools. However, many teachers worry that the systems will disrupt their lessons and change the atmosphere in their classrooms. These fears are common but do they tally with the experiences of teachers who are using video lesson observation day in and day out? We’ve spoken to some of them to find out what they think and discover how they’re using the systems in their classroom. What do teachers say? Technology in the classroom has advanced so much in recent years that … Read More

Lesson recording systems – 3 common myths

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Everything that you need to know about lesson recording

Lesson recording systems – what you need to know Video lesson recording is a popular form of CPD for teachers across the UK. However there are a number of persistent myths surrounding video lesson recording that are stopping some teachers and schools from taking advantage of them. We’re keen to help teachers completely understand how video lesson recording systems work so in this blog post we’ll bust some of the biggest myths that surround them and how they are used for CPD. As always, if there are any questions that we haven’t covered then please let us know in the … Read More

Recording a Lesson – top tips for teachers

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The recording revolution - using video in your classroom

  The recording revolution If you haven’t tried video recording a lesson, then now may well be the time to undertake this unique reflective task. Recording your lessons gives you the ability to identify areas for improvement and enables you to focus on specific aspects of your teaching in your own time and in your own way. Recording lessons can be daunting for a teacher at first, but innovation has always been a driving force for creating engaging content and outstanding lessons. Tried and tested methods When athletes want to improve their performance, they “go to the tapes” and watch hours … Read More

Primary ICT Resources

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The primary ICT resources that you need for your classroom

Essential primary ICT resources roundup ICT is becoming as important a part of the primary school curriculum as English or maths. Children are expected to be computer literate by the time they leave primary school and, as of this year, that also includes basic competence in computer coding. We covered resources for teaching coding in primary schools in a previous article. In this one we’ll be covering primary ICT resources designed to teach basic computer literacy skills. We’ll also be looking at the skills required to use common productivity tools like word processors and spreadsheets. If we’ve missed any resources … Read More