Investment in Teaching and Learning by John Dabell

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Although there is no doubt that many schools could benefit from additional funding, the reality of funding is that some schools don’t put professional learning at the top of the list. In fact, for some schools, spending on CPD is pitifully low or non-existent. According to recent research by the Teacher Development Trust (TDT), “Just over 21,000 teachers are employed in schools which report zero or near-zero CPD budget.” The TDT found that on average secondary schools spent 0.37% of their budgets on staff training and 0.65% in primary schools. In the world’s best school systems like Ontario, Canada, over … Read More

Take the Mic

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Using wireless microphones in class makes a lot of sense although they tend to be a bit forgotten. These are flexible devices with bags of potential especially when combined with powerful video technology and lesson recording. Microphone technology certainly isn’t new but it has evolved over the years and teachers now have greater choices and different options they can select or mix and match. The Lessonbox Mobile system offers three professional wireless audio options that could make the world of difference to your classroom, each offering something special and something to help capture the range of interactions and rich dialogue … Read More

Quiet Revelation

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  We live in a noisy world – both in terms of what’s going on around the world and within our classrooms. As teachers, broadcast is (almost) a default setting, but taking the time to mute the dominant force of the teacher’s voice can be incredibly revealing. What’s more it can allow you to ensure that the correct progress is being made at the levels that you’re expecting. In a primary setting, for example, where tables are ability led, by using the ambient input of a mobile recording device, you can be a fly on the wall for a particular … Read More

The Benefits of Flipping the Classroom

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  Flipping the classroom brings benefits for both student and teacher and it’s true that creating an effective flip does need careful preparation to ensure that it works visually. But it’s easy to build up a library of good lessons and this can prove to be a time saver in the long run. One common problem is that students don’t complete homework if they’re encountering problems, but working in class minimises this. Watching videos as a homework element removes the “sage on a stage” model of a classroom and makes it a more interactive learning environment. “When you do a … Read More

Myth Busting – video recording isn’t complicated or technical

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The recording revolution - using video in your classroom

There’s a common preconception that recording video in the classroom is a stressful and technical process with trailing cables and large cameras providing a distraction to the students. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. With Lessonbox all the “kit” is kept in one case. Simply flip open the box and you’re ready to go. All you need to get started is a flat surface and a power socket for the integrated laptop. Wheel your Lessonbox case into the room you want to use.. Lessonbox’s simple to use wireless cameras and microphones have batteries that last all day.  Simply place … Read More

Cosmic Classroom – putting STEM in the spotlight

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  Cosmic Classroom – putting STEM in the spotlight Since the Principia mission launched at the end of 2015 and put British ESA astronaut Major Tim Peake on everyone’s radar, it’s been notable that there’s been a gentle culture shift with more children engaging with STEM subjects.  This week’s #cosmicclassroom had Major Tim doing fun stuff in space. So how can we be sure that we can translate that vibrant buzz back to earth on a daily basis? A research document from the US Doe puts it well: “Teaching concepts of STEM at an early age is one of the little things we can … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

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There’s something lovely about the new calendar year, with its promises of new beginnings, right when winter’s at its darkest. For teachers, the longest term is over and they’ve got to know their students. The New Year brings careers resolutions for many – and the National College of Teaching and Learning expects a surge of interest in the profession. But what about those who are already in the classroom at the coalface, what are their resolutions? We asked some of the Lessonbox community to share their honest thoughts. “I have a few, not to mention, stepping away from the staffroom … Read More

11 Star Wars classroom resources for teachers (Number 3 is inspired)

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It’s unlikely it’s escaped your notice but there’s a new Star Wars movie coming. The first film Episode IV was released 38 years ago in and so there are plenty of teachers in schools today who have grown up with the George Lucas films as part of their childhood and want to pass on their love of the epic saga. The characters are enduring and the values that can be taught by them – friendship, bravery, and loyalty are as relevant now as ever. With the excitement building every day as the launch approaches at the time of writing, we … Read More

Lesson Recording Software – What place in primary schools?

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lesson recording softeare

Lesson recording software in primaries Schools of all sizes and categories are using lesson recording systems to share best practice and help teachers review and improve their teaching. Using lesson recording software in primary schools however, comes with its own set of challenges. Fixed lesson recording systems are not always practical since few schools have spare classrooms and, in almost all cases, the SLT is keen to share the resource between as many teachers as possible. In this blog post we’ll take a look at some of the alternative options and explore how primary schools are using lesson recording software … Read More

Using lesson recording systems to demonstrate best practice

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lesson recording systems

Outstanding lessons are taking place up and down the country every single day but sharing these examples of great practice, even within the same school can be tricky. In-person lesson observations are one possibility but they require other teachers to leave their own classes to spend time in a colleague’s classroom. Having a colleague standing at the back of the room can also change a classroom’s atmosphere and ruin the circumstances that help to create an outstanding lesson. One alternative solution is to use lesson recording systems. These systems can be unobtrusive and allow other teachers to review best practice … Read More