Primary Maths and Literacy Apps

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Primary Maths and Literacy App review With the use of tablets ever more popular, both in schools and homes, there are always new educational apps for teachers and pupils to use for play and learning.  Here’s five of our favourites on the Apple platform Converting Fractions, Decimals & Percentages Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percentages is one of several intuitive, educational apps offered by Daydream education. These apps provide a balance of teaching and instruction, opportunities to practice key skills and quizzes to test the learner’s knowledge. They cater for a range of learning levels and increasingly complex operations. This app, as the name suggests, focuses … Read More

Improving pupil attainment

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What do you need to know about improving pupil attainment

Resources for improving pupil attainment Schools are under increasing pressure to improve the attainment of all pupils. As the exam system undergoes one of its most radical shake-ups in three decades it’s more important than ever that struggling pupils are identified quickly and given the help that they need to reach their potential. Very often, these pupils aren’t the troublemakers that draw teachers’ attention so you need to make sure that you’re constantly monitoring achievement and attainment to spot these issues before they have a huge impact on your students’ prospects. Thankfully, as with so much in education, a combination … Read More

Primary ICT Resources

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The primary ICT resources that you need for your classroom

Essential primary ICT resources roundup ICT is becoming as important a part of the primary school curriculum as English or maths. Children are expected to be computer literate by the time they leave primary school and, as of this year, that also includes basic competence in computer coding. We covered resources for teaching coding in primary schools in a previous article. In this one we’ll be covering primary ICT resources designed to teach basic computer literacy skills. We’ll also be looking at the skills required to use common productivity tools like word processors and spreadsheets. If we’ve missed any resources … Read More