Top tips for teachers on using social media

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There was lots about social media at last week’s #BettShow.  Social media marketing for education empowers organisations to reach and engage with existing and new students globally. The various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest offer much higher participation than conventional means of communication. With an ever-increasing population of students and teachers present on social media – it can prove to be a great tool for communication, collaboration and CPD too. It’s crucial to separate your personal life from your professional life. You connect with family and friends on social networking sites, but is it a good idea to accept … Read More

11 Star Wars classroom resources for teachers (Number 3 is inspired)

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It’s unlikely it’s escaped your notice but there’s a new Star Wars movie coming. The first film Episode IV was released 38 years ago in and so there are plenty of teachers in schools today who have grown up with the George Lucas films as part of their childhood and want to pass on their love of the epic saga. The characters are enduring and the values that can be taught by them – friendship, bravery, and loyalty are as relevant now as ever. With the excitement building every day as the launch approaches at the time of writing, we … Read More

Ofsted changes 2015 – a guide for headteachers

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ofsted changes 2015

 Ofsted changes 2015 – what you need to know Ofsted is planning to introduce some major changes to the way schools are inspected in September 2015. The changes are set out in full, and rather exhaustive, detail in the Better Inspections for all document, which is available to download on the government website. To save you a little reading time we’ve summarised the key points of the Ofsted changes 2015 in this article. If there are any particular areas or questions that you’d like us to cover in a future article then please let us know in the comments. Inspections are … Read More

Improving pupil behaviour – what’s the latest thinking?

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improving pupil behaviour

The challenge: Improving pupil behaviour The news is full of stories about deteriorating behaviour in schools up and down the country. Headteachers face the challenge of improving pupil behaviour in an age where social media, mobile phones and other gadgets mean that pupil behaviour problems can quickly spread beyond the school and become a major headache. One of the best ways to avoid these problems is to constantly monitor behaviour and low-level disruption to ensure that small problems don’t balloon out of control before you’re able to get a handle on them. There are a number of ways of approaching … Read More

Classroom wall display ideas – literacy

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Synonym rolls - literacy wall display ideas

Literacy classroom wall display ideas In last week’s blog post we rounded up some of our favourite classroom wall display ideas  for maths. This week we’ll be looking at ways to brighten up your classroom that help to emphasise literacy and English skills. If you’ve got examples of classroom wall displays from your school or classroom then we’d be delighted to see them and share them with our followers. The easiest way to share them is to send a photo to our Twitter profile or, if you have your own blog, leave us a link in the comments below. We look … Read More