Using video for improving peer feedback – how using video feeds AfL

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a stressed out teacher in need of improvement finds a traditional live lesson observation debilitating and counterproductive. There’s a lot of pride and prejudice in teaching. Teachers are proud people who want to do a good job but can often be let down by outdated systems. Real-time solo lesson observations are full of individual bias, tunnel vision and lesson blindness and these can blur and skew what actually happens in a classroom. This is why many schools are now using video for high-impact teaching, learning and assessment. It’s more reliable, far less traumatic … Read More

Using video to enhance CPD

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Discover the cod resources for headteachers that your school requires

Lesson observations have been demonised over the years and they suffer a terrible image problem  fuelled by Ofsted horror stories, misguided school-led observations and teacher trepidation of senior managers. But it is time to shake off these negatives and focus on how lesson observations when combined with video technology can be a force for good, positive growth and real change. Lesson observations can bring out the worst in teachers who are fearful of ‘judgements’ which is why it is reassuring that Ofsted now don’t grade lessons. It is also worth remembering that Ofsted are keen to dispel folklores surrounding inspections … Read More

Why Video Observation Technology Leads the Way

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More and more schools are snubbing the perfunctory and ceremonial ‘in-person’ lesson observations in favour of using video observation technology where classroom action is recorded and observations are conducted remotely. Recording lessons is truly transforming classroom practice and traditional drop-in ‘live’ lesson observations, where someone visits a classroom ‘formally’, are fast becoming ‘old school. Many schools are now adopting a coaching model of professional development using Lessonbox video technology as a powerful tool for growth and professional learning. In the November 2016 Teaching Schools Council (TSC) report ‘Effective Primary Teaching Practice’ Headteacher of Parkfield Community School Hazel Pulley states, “We … Read More

Investment in Teaching and Learning by John Dabell

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Although there is no doubt that many schools could benefit from additional funding, the reality of funding is that some schools don’t put professional learning at the top of the list. In fact, for some schools, spending on CPD is pitifully low or non-existent. According to recent research by the Teacher Development Trust (TDT), “Just over 21,000 teachers are employed in schools which report zero or near-zero CPD budget.” The TDT found that on average secondary schools spent 0.37% of their budgets on staff training and 0.65% in primary schools. In the world’s best school systems like Ontario, Canada, over … Read More

Take the Mic

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Using wireless microphones in class makes a lot of sense although they tend to be a bit forgotten. These are flexible devices with bags of potential especially when combined with powerful video technology and lesson recording. Microphone technology certainly isn’t new but it has evolved over the years and teachers now have greater choices and different options they can select or mix and match. The Lessonbox Mobile system offers three professional wireless audio options that could make the world of difference to your classroom, each offering something special and something to help capture the range of interactions and rich dialogue … Read More

Strategic CPD with Lessonbox

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Strategic CPD with Lessonbox In the November 2016 Teaching Schools Council (TSC) report ‘Effective Primary Teaching Practice’ Headteacher of Parkfield Community School Hazel Pulley states, “If pupils are to make rapid progress they need teachers with excellent up-to-date subject knowledge and an understanding of the teaching quality required. We have totally moved away from formal lesson observations. Instead, coaching partnerships have been developed using video technology, regular pop-in opportunities in classrooms and focused work scrutiny to provide bespoke professional development. Evaluation is a key aspect of all our CPD; checking for impact is seen as an imperative.” Effective Primary Teaching … Read More

Quiet Revelation

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  We live in a noisy world – both in terms of what’s going on around the world and within our classrooms. As teachers, broadcast is (almost) a default setting, but taking the time to mute the dominant force of the teacher’s voice can be incredibly revealing. What’s more it can allow you to ensure that the correct progress is being made at the levels that you’re expecting. In a primary setting, for example, where tables are ability led, by using the ambient input of a mobile recording device, you can be a fly on the wall for a particular … Read More

The Benefits of Flipping the Classroom

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  Flipping the classroom brings benefits for both student and teacher and it’s true that creating an effective flip does need careful preparation to ensure that it works visually. But it’s easy to build up a library of good lessons and this can prove to be a time saver in the long run. One common problem is that students don’t complete homework if they’re encountering problems, but working in class minimises this. Watching videos as a homework element removes the “sage on a stage” model of a classroom and makes it a more interactive learning environment. “When you do a … Read More

Who to follow – focus on Maths

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Twitter is a great tool for sharing resources, understanding what’s going on in other settings and getting peer to peer opinion and advice as well as showcasing what you’re doing. Lisa Pettifer,  Head of Professional Development, SLE and Teaching School Coordinator at a large secondary school in Cumbria, speaking in a live chat explained this really well: Don’t underestimate the value/implications of Twitter and blogs within the ‘big pictures’ of edu debate, though. I heard Nick Gibb speak last week, and he admitted that some teacher blogs have influenced government policy. In the first of a series of posts about how social … Read More

Myth Busting – video recording isn’t complicated or technical

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The recording revolution - using video in your classroom

There’s a common preconception that recording video in the classroom is a stressful and technical process with trailing cables and large cameras providing a distraction to the students. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. With Lessonbox all the “kit” is kept in one case. Simply flip open the box and you’re ready to go. All you need to get started is a flat surface and a power socket for the integrated laptop. Wheel your Lessonbox case into the room you want to use.. Lessonbox’s simple to use wireless cameras and microphones have batteries that last all day.  Simply place … Read More