The Benefits of Flipping the Classroom


Flipping the classroom brings benefits for both student and teacher and it’s true that creating an effective flip does need careful preparation to ensure that it works visually. But it’s easy to build up a library of good lessons and this can prove to be a time saver in the long run.

One common problem is that students don’t complete homework if they’re encountering problems, but working in class minimises this. Watching videos as a homework element removes the “sage on a stage” model of a classroom and makes it a more interactive learning environment.

“When you do a standard lecture in class, and then the students go home to do the problems, some of them are lost. They spend a whole lot of time being frustrated and, even worse, doing it wrong.”
Karl Fisch, maths teacher and flipped classroom pioneer Denver, Colorado.


Impact for Students

  • Pupils can receive instant feedback on activities
  • They will shoulder more of the responsibility for their own learning as they must come to class prepared.
  • Students don’t get as frustrated by working at the pace of others.
  • Pupils can write down questions they have while watching a video and work individually or in groups in class to ensure they understand it.
  • Homework (watching a video) gets done.

Impact for teachers

  • The teacher has more time to help students and explain difficult concepts
  • Devoting class time to the application of fundamentals gives teachers a better opportunity to detect errors in thinking and a chance to revisit aspects that students don’t understand
  • Class time must be carefully planned providing opportunity to be innovative and experimental
  • There’s no single model for a “flip”- online quizzes can be interspersed within the video to ensure that comprehension is attained.
  • Engagement is likely to be higher.

This is backed up by research too – Bergmann and Sams study of 2012 points out that  when teachers aren’t standing in front of the classroom talking at students, they can circulate and talk with students.

It’s not true however, that you need lots of fancy equipment – really all you need is an iPad, an idea and buckets of enthusiasm. What a Lessonbox system gives you is everything you need to effectively capture what goes on in a classroom and can be easily used to create online lessons with quizzes to measure learning outcomes.

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Video is a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. Staff, students, leaders and parents can now engage with video in ways that were unattainable several years ago.

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