Lesson observation checklist

Lesson observation is an integral part of CPD and being prepare on both sides of the process is the key to successful outcomes.

As a teacher you’re looking to ensure that your lesson observation goes well. As a member of the SLT, this important part of CPD can take up time that may be needed elsewhere.


Having another teacher, even a familiar one, in the classroom can be a distraction for both teacher and the students. As lessons are given, as the teacher, you’re looking for non verbal clues from the observer to see how the observation is going. When you’re being observed by a camera, there’s none of this distraction. If a video recording system is routinely used, the novelty rapidly wears off for the students, and it can become as much a part of the classroom furniture as the whiteboard.

Video playback allows unbiased observation to take place, ensuring that valuable feedback can be given in a suitable forum. Additionally the video can become a future resource – adding further value as an everyday observation can become a training aid.

We’ve pulled together handy aide memoire to ensure that you’re looking out for the relevant detail.

  • 1 Does the record of work correlate with the what’s occurred in the lesson?
  • 2 Will progress be evident immediately or will it be something that emerges over a week or so?
  • 3 Does the learning activity complement other processes that can lead to strong outcomes?
  • 4 What do the students already know?
  • 5 What have they had to learn to get to this point?
  • 6 How can this be developed further?
  • 7 How might the next lesson plan need to be adapted if this is developed?
  • 8 When and where are the students most engaged?
  • 9 What’s engaging them?
  • 10 Is there anything within how you call on students you would change?
  • 11 What would you have done differently and why?

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Video is a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. Staff, students, leaders and parents can now engage with video in ways that were unattainable several years ago.

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