The Lessonbox Wireless Mobile

The Wireless Mobile Video System can be used in ANY ROOM at ANY TIME for ultimate flexibility…

The most popular version, Pro, uses 2 cameras and 3 microphones to see the whole classroom and to record ambient, teacher and group work audio.

So easy to use…

Rachel shows the Lessonbox Mobile, what’s inside and just how easy it is to set up in your classroom.

Recording your lessons with the Lessonbox Mobile has other benefits – the equipment can easily blend in to the surroundings, meaning that you can capture natural reactions rather than performces for camera.

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One Amazing Little Black Box

  • Lightweight & portable – simple to move between rooms as required
  • Easy to set up and operate – no IT technician required!
  • Includes wireless cameras and microphones with batteries that last all day
  • Outstanding audio-visual results – significantly better than handheld devices (tablets, smartphones etc)
  • No distractions – discreet equipment captures natural classroom reactions
  • Can operate independently of school IT networks
  • One off purchase with no contracts or ongoing fees or available on lease
  • Compatible with all cloud-based video hosting platforms
  • Not just for schools! The Lessonbox Mobile is also ideal for meeting rooms, business centres, training facilities and more.
Read one teachers account of how the Lessonbox Mobile works in their school – download our case study here.
lesson recording video system

What our customers say…

“One of the unexpected benefits is that we’ve had real enthusiasm from those you may not have expected and it’s these members of the staff who have benefited – the video gives them  self-realisation of what they’re like in the classroom and it’s turned things around.”
Matthew from Pentrahafod
“Lessonbox is a great portable lesson recording tool for helping teachers develop their skills in the classroom. The lesson recording system is completely portable and very user friendly. It gives teachers the opportunity to reflect on their own teaching, share best practice and to be able to see what is really going on in their classroom.”
Steve B, Assistant Headteacher
“We have been using the standalone lesson recording cameras for a term now and are really pleased with the investment – worth every penny and more. They are easy to assemble in a classroom to record a lesson and the lesson recording software makes it simple to view and save what has been recorded. We have found it an invaluable tool to support staff development and to aid understanding of pupils’ learning.”
Rachel P, Deputy Head, Lyons Hall Primary School

teaching learning systems
teaching learning systems
teaching learning systems

Mobile system packages…

video lesson recordings

video lesson recordings

video lesson recordings

What’s in the case…

What’s in the case…

1. Laptop
Bespoke high spec laptop with recording software.

2. Router
Creates a secure wireless network for the cameras.

3. Desk Microphone
Connects directly to the laptop and records the ambient room audio.

4. Battery
Will power the cameras for a whole school day for ultimate flexibility.

5. Mouse
Wireless mouse as an alternative to the trackpad.

video lesson recordings

6. Base Station
Receiver base for the wireless microphones.

7. Speaker
USB microphone for quality audio playback.

8. Wireless Microphones
Lapel/clip-on and desk/group microphone to record HD audio.

9. Wireless Camera
High definition wireless camera with wide angle lens.

10. Camera Clips
Enable easy location of the cameras.

video lesson recordings

Step 1
The cameras, microphones and ancillaries are kept in the base of the Mobile. The latches release the lid of the case.

video lesson recordings

Step 2
Hidden in the lid is a bespoke Lessonbox laptop with pre installed recording software for the video and audio.

video lesson recordings

Step 3
The laptop can easily be stowed back into the case lid to access the base if and when required.


video lesson recording system


1 x Laptop & Mouse
2 x Wireless HD Cameras
2 x Camera Clip Mounts
2x 8hr Batteries
1x Wireless Router
1x Ambient Desk Microphone

£2100 pa

video lesson recording systems
video lesson recording systems


video lesson recording system

as the Standard spec plus
1x Dual Channel
Wireless Audio
1x Lapel Mic
1x Desk Mic
1x Base Station
1x Charging Base

£2300 pa

video lesson recording systems
video lesson recording systems


video lesson recording system

as the Pro spec plus additional
1x Wireless HD Camera
1x Camera Clip Mount
1x 8hr Battery
for extended recording

£2500 pa

video lesson recording systems
video lesson recording systems

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