New Year's Resolutions for Teachers


There’s something lovely about the new calendar year, with its promises of new beginnings, right when winter’s at its darkest. For teachers, the longest term is over and they’ve got to know their students. The New Year brings careers resolutions for many – and the National College of Teaching and Learning expects a surge of interest in the profession.
But what about those who are already in the classroom at the coalface, what are their resolutions?

We asked some of the Lessonbox community to share their honest thoughts.

“I have a few, not to mention, stepping away from the staffroom biscuits. I want to ensure that I have target tracker open on laptop when marking to immediately record progress…. Don’t leave it all to the last week of term.
Check the long term assembly rota and make a note of my turn in my diary… Surprise assembly anyone?” Miss D, KS2

“I had a really bad end of last term. I was poorly, had lost my voice. I’m part time and my last day, I didn’t have a good day of teaching and felt overwhelmed by yet more changes to schemes of work, planning formats etc. And then in the new year, I read this piece in the Guardian. And my resolution lifted from it is ‘don’t let the bad days (there WILL be some) define you!’  
Mrs S, KS2

‘To remember always and in everything that children are wonderful, unique and unpredictable individuals not statistics and data to be measured (despite what government targets dictate)!’ Mrs C, EYFS.

“My NY resolution is to appreciate my time in the classroom/ with the children more – after all they are what really matters (not the endless paperwork). Easier said than done I fear!” says Mrs W, who teaches KS2.

Miss Y KS5 “I want to try and find away to get more into their “online world” so I can keep my teaching fresh and relevant. What is the world really like for them? Trying to remember what it was like being 17 is hard!”

We’ll try and catch up with them later in the term to see how it’s going. We’re all human after all. But, if you’re looking for help with moving your teaching from okay to out of this world, sign up for our teaching insights here.

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