Engage students with the World’s first throwable microphone.

Catchbox is the World’s first throwable microphone, and the potential for increasing classroom participation is huge! With the potential to be thrown to any student at a moment’s notice, it keeps your classroom on their toes and actively thinking about the material being taught.

Increases Student Engagement

Easy to throw to anyone at a moment’s notice, the Catchbox ensures all students are actively thinking about the learning material. This not only increases knowledge retention, but also develops critical thinking by encouraging students to formulate answers and arguments in case the box happens to land on them.

Develops Communication Skills

Easy to throw even to the back of the Class, Catchbox ensures everyone gets to participate in the discussion and simultaneously, develop their argumentation and communication skills. By amplifying sound and acting as a speaking totem, quiet students are also given a voice that isn’t drowned out by louder participants.

Makes Learning Fun & Active

The playful nature of the colourful Catchbox easily breaks the ice and lightens the mood in class, making attendance fun as opposed to compulsory. The act of throwing and catching also adds physical activity to learning, creating a desired change of pace from just sitting.

The soft throwable microphone that increases classroom participation and student engagement.

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