Scared of being on camera? Don't be.

The recording revolution - using video in your classroom#Myth 2 – Being on camera is scary.

Brilliant and inspirational things are happening up and down the UK on a daily basis and using a video recording system to capture this is a great way investing in your teaching and learning.

But for some, the very thought of appearing on camera makes them uncomfortable. Perhaps they have concerns over how they will sound and look, and whether the camera will catch them at an unflattering angle.

A lot of these concerns are caused by the novelty factor – being on camera isn’t something we routinely do, though the advent of smartphones has meant that we’re a lot more comfortable with cameras being around on a regular basis.

Here are our top three practical ways to help fight the fear of being filmed:

1 Focus on the positive outcomes that being filmed will present – the opportunity to

capture what the children are achieving as well as recognise where the teacher is attaining high standards of teaching and behaviour management. Or, if the lesson doesn’t go your way, an opportunity to visually revisit and work out what you could do better next time.

2 Remember that you’re not acting – you’re teaching. Tom Cruise and Keira Knightley are specifically paid to look intense on camera but it’s doubtful whether either of them would have the same results with a group of pupils are you would.

3 Forget that the cameras are even there. With a Lessonbox system, this is quite easy as the equipment is discreet and not too intrusive once set up.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

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Video is a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. Staff, students, leaders and parents can now engage with video in ways that were unattainable several years ago.

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