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lessonbox cloud

Cloud Support
The videos below will take you through the key features of the Cloud platform from uploading, sharing and editing.

lessonbox video recording systems

Systems Support
The videos below will take you through the key features of the Wireless Mobile system Lessonbox recording software.

Lessonbox Systems and Cloud animation

An overview of what Lessonbox can offer. From our hd wireless recording systems to the Lessonbox Cloud.

Wireless Mobile setup with Rachel

In this video Rachel explains what is included with the Lessonbox Mobile and how to set it up.

Cloud overview and sharing features

An overview of the Lessonbox Cloud video platform and sharing / publishing features.

Software login and final checks

This video explains how to login into the recording software and also how to check the cameras and microphones are set up correctly.

Final camera and microphone checks

This video explains the final checks you should make before the recording starts to ensure the cameras and microphones are all working correctly.

Video playback

An explanation of how to review recorded video via the Lessonbox software

Bookmarking video

Bookmarking is a great tool to tag key areas of video to return to later of for export. This video explains the process.

Exporting video from bookmarks

This video explains the process for using bookmarks to access a section of recording and then the process of export from then on.

Exporting multiple feeds using bookmarks

Bookmarks access single cameras or microphones. This video explains how you can add sources and export these as a whole.

Electronic zoom on live or recorded images

Electronic zoom is a software tool that allows you to zoom in on live and importantly recorded videos for a closer look. This video explains how.

Using bookmarks to view all sources

This video explains how to use bookmarks to view all of the video and audio sources that have been recorded.

Playback with VLC media player

VLC media player is the best video player for Lessonbox recordings and is popular in many schools. This video explains how to playback videos using VLC. If you wish to download it you can find it here VLC Media Player – its free!

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