Take the Mic

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Using wireless microphones in class makes a lot of sense although they tend to be a bit forgotten. These are flexible devices with bags of potential especially when combined with powerful video technology and lesson recording. Microphone technology certainly isn’t new but it has evolved over the years and teachers now have greater choices and different options they can select or mix and match. The Lessonbox Mobile system offers three professional wireless audio options that could make the world of difference to your classroom, each offering something special and something to help capture the range of interactions and rich dialogue … Read More

Lesson recording systems – 3 common myths

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Everything that you need to know about lesson recording

Lesson recording systems – what you need to know Video lesson recording is a popular form of CPD for teachers across the UK. However there are a number of persistent myths surrounding video lesson recording that are stopping some teachers and schools from taking advantage of them. We’re keen to help teachers completely understand how video lesson recording systems work so in this blog post we’ll bust some of the biggest myths that surround them and how they are used for CPD. As always, if there are any questions that we haven’t covered then please let us know in the … Read More