Using video for improving peer feedback – how using video feeds AfL

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a stressed out teacher in need of improvement finds a traditional live lesson observation debilitating and counterproductive. There’s a lot of pride and prejudice in teaching. Teachers are proud people who want to do a good job but can often be let down by outdated systems. Real-time solo lesson observations are full of individual bias, tunnel vision and lesson blindness and these can blur and skew what actually happens in a classroom. This is why many schools are now using video for high-impact teaching, learning and assessment. It’s more reliable, far less traumatic … Read More

Using video to enhance CPD

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Lesson observations have been demonised over the years and they suffer a terrible image problem  fuelled by Ofsted horror stories, misguided school-led observations and teacher trepidation of senior managers. But it is time to shake off these negatives and focus on how lesson observations when combined with video technology can be a force for good, positive growth and real change. Lesson observations can bring out the worst in teachers who are fearful of ‘judgements’ which is why it is reassuring that Ofsted now don’t grade lessons. It is also worth remembering that Ofsted are keen to dispel folklores surrounding inspections … Read More

Take the Mic

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Using wireless microphones in class makes a lot of sense although they tend to be a bit forgotten. These are flexible devices with bags of potential especially when combined with powerful video technology and lesson recording. Microphone technology certainly isn’t new but it has evolved over the years and teachers now have greater choices and different options they can select or mix and match. The Lessonbox Mobile system offers three professional wireless audio options that could make the world of difference to your classroom, each offering something special and something to help capture the range of interactions and rich dialogue … Read More

Strategic CPD with Lessonbox

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Strategic CPD with Lessonbox In the November 2016 Teaching Schools Council (TSC) report ‘Effective Primary Teaching Practice’ Headteacher of Parkfield Community School Hazel Pulley states, “If pupils are to make rapid progress they need teachers with excellent up-to-date subject knowledge and an understanding of the teaching quality required. We have totally moved away from formal lesson observations. Instead, coaching partnerships have been developed using video technology, regular pop-in opportunities in classrooms and focused work scrutiny to provide bespoke professional development. Evaluation is a key aspect of all our CPD; checking for impact is seen as an imperative.” Effective Primary Teaching … Read More

Scared of being on camera? Don’t be.

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The recording revolution - using video in your classroom

#Myth 2 – Being on camera is scary. Brilliant and inspirational things are happening up and down the UK on a daily basis and using a video recording system to capture this is a great way investing in your teaching and learning. But for some, the very thought of appearing on camera makes them uncomfortable. Perhaps they have concerns over how they will sound and look, and whether the camera will catch them at an unflattering angle. A lot of these concerns are caused by the novelty factor – being on camera isn’t something we routinely do, though the advent … Read More

Lesson Recording Software – What place in primary schools?

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Lesson recording software in primaries Schools of all sizes and categories are using lesson recording systems to share best practice and help teachers review and improve their teaching. Using lesson recording software in primary schools however, comes with its own set of challenges. Fixed lesson recording systems are not always practical since few schools have spare classrooms and, in almost all cases, the SLT is keen to share the resource between as many teachers as possible. In this blog post we’ll take a look at some of the alternative options and explore how primary schools are using lesson recording software … Read More

Using lesson recording systems to demonstrate best practice

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Outstanding lessons are taking place up and down the country every single day but sharing these examples of great practice, even within the same school can be tricky. In-person lesson observations are one possibility but they require other teachers to leave their own classes to spend time in a colleague’s classroom. Having a colleague standing at the back of the room can also change a classroom’s atmosphere and ruin the circumstances that help to create an outstanding lesson. One alternative solution is to use lesson recording systems. These systems can be unobtrusive and allow other teachers to review best practice … Read More

Video Lesson Observations – can they add value?

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Video Lesson Observations Lesson observation is an incredibly effective way for teachers to improve their own skills but it does have some drawbacks. Having another teacher in the room can change the atmosphere, making it difficult to observe an individual teacher’s day-to-day teaching style.  Video lesson observation systems have become more common in recent years, but some schools are put off by the cost, or a belief that the tool will be invasive and no more useful than traditional lesson observations. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the ways schools can use video lesson observations. What can they do … Read More

Lesson recording systems – 3 common myths

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Everything that you need to know about lesson recording

Lesson recording systems – what you need to know Video lesson recording is a popular form of CPD for teachers across the UK. However there are a number of persistent myths surrounding video lesson recording that are stopping some teachers and schools from taking advantage of them. We’re keen to help teachers completely understand how video lesson recording systems work so in this blog post we’ll bust some of the biggest myths that surround them and how they are used for CPD. As always, if there are any questions that we haven’t covered then please let us know in the … Read More