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With Lessonbox you can record your lessons using our mobile, fixed or bespoke recording solutions, these can then be uploaded to our secure world class media platform to support teaching and learning at your school.

As a school we believe that Lessonbox has been one of the best professional development investments in recent years.

M. Goulding, Assistant Head Teacher, Pentrehafod School, Swansea

The College has used the lesson recording software very effectively to enhance teacher training and students’ learning.

Teachers use the room to record their lessons and then review their performance with other staff to improve the quality of their lessons. The feedback from the staff is always very positive. ‘I have learnt more in 30 minutes about my teaching than I have learnt in the last 8 years’ is a common reaction to video lesson observations.

The excerpts from some lessons are recorded and put on the VLE for the students to access and review and revisit the keys parts of their lessons. Parents are able to see the key points of the lessons and help and encourage their sons’ to learn more effectively.

Overall the lesson recording system has had a big impact on the way teachers teach and students learn. A very good use of limited resources to improve student learning.

Kevin Dwyer, Deputy Headteacher, St. Joseph’s College

Lessonbox is an invaluable training resource that has given us the ability to record lessons and outstanding teaching in our dedicated classroom. With the purchase of a mobile unit we have now expanded this scheme and can film lessons in any classroom around the school.

Edwin Preece, Deputy Headteacher, Chadwell Heath Academy

Wishmore Cross School has worked with the lesson recording system since 2006. We use their Key Area cameras to manage our corridors, car park and dining hall. We also use Fixed and Mobile systems and have recently upgraded several areas to High Definition. Lessonbox provide excellent video recording solutions across a range of needs and have always met any challenge we have set them.

Maria Taylor, Wishmore Cross School

Lessonbox is a great portable lesson recording tool for helping teachers develop their skills in the classroom. The lesson recording system is completely portable and very user friendly. It gives teachers the opportunity to reflect on their own teaching, share best practice and to be able to see what is really going on in their classroom.

Steve Bright, Assistant Headteacher

We have been using the standalone lesson recording cameras for a term now and are really pleased with the investment – worth every penny and more. They are easy to assemble in a classroom to record a lesson and the lesson recording software makes it simple to view and save what has been recorded. We have found it an invaluable tool to support staff development and to aid understanding of pupils’ learning.

Rachel Pritchard, Deputy Headteacher, Lyons Hall Primary School

I am impressed with Lessonbox and it is proving to be a most effective tool in raising standards in Teaching and learning. We are currently using the lesson recording system as a coaching tool for developing behaviour management strategies as well as a lesson observation tool for external participants as part of our teaching school designate role in delivering the National College Improving Teacher Programme and the Outstanding Teacher Programme. The system is very user friendly and I like the way that recorded lessons are stored. Lessonbox is a very useful tool to us both a host school for the above mentioned programmes and as a daily incentive within SMCHS.

Gary Lloyd Associate Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning)

We have two lesson recording systems in school – one static and the other portable and this has enabled us to expand examples of good practice by filming practical subjects. We have had the Lessonbox system for a number of years and it is a reliable, flexible and essential tool.

Edwin Preece, Deputy Headteacher, Chadwell Heath Academy

Video is a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. Staff, students, leaders and parents can now engage with video in ways that were unattainable several years ago.

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