Using Video for CPD

Myths about using Video

#1 Is using video to help with CPD a waste of time?

The old adage “every day’s a school day” is truer still for those who teach. Continuing professional development is not only an imperative for Ofsted but also an important part of every teacher’s career progression, whether you’re newly or recently qualified or have years of teaching experience under your belt.  So is using video a waste of time?

In short, no. If a lesson needs to be observed, it can be recorded without the observer having to be there at that time. One of the challenges that those in the senior management teams find is that their days often aren’t their own. In a busy school environment, with behavioural or wider issues, the best laid plans can be swept out of the door by extraordinary events. Which means that a carefully planned lesson goes unobserved and the teacher in question has to prepare physically and mentally on another occasion for the review.

But with Lessonbox video observation, not only can the observer watch the lesson at a time convenient to them, the lesson can be paused and rewound to ensure that the pertinent points have been covered. Whether it’s ensuring levels of student engagement can be monitored or checking that the pace of the lesson is appropriate – being able to view from a distance and not being a distraction in the classroom itself is a great asset.

Added to which if this lesson clashes with the weekly SLT meeting then the observation can go ahead, allowing both teacher and the observer to carry on with their day. Plus, at the end of the observation you’re left with a resource that can be used in training other staff at a later date.

Video lesson observation is actually a huge time saving tool. Win win.


Video is a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. Staff, students, leaders and parents can now engage with video in ways that were unattainable several years ago.

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