School improvement & Ofsted preparation

For ongoing School improvement and Ofsted preparation, Mobile or Fixed systems provide powerful tools.

Leadership and Management

  • Lesson observations; monitoring pupil engagement, interest, enjoyment, attitudes and behaviour; identifying and monitoring behaviour ‘hotspots’; capturing exemplar or expert-led lessons; recording special events, visitors or occasions.
  • Recording of INSET sessions for CPD purposes particularly for those members of staff who were unable to attend the original session. It makes the sharing of good practice easier than ever before.
  • Marketing and promotion of the school. Use clips on the school’s website and promotional material.
  • Maximising valuable leadership time. Now you really can be in two places at the same time; record a lesson for future review whilst in a SLT meeting, for example.
  • A training tool for governors – record key training sessions for future reference.
  • Tutorials for parents such as “How you can help your child with Maths”, can be recorded and made available on the school’s website or learning platform.

Quality of Teaching

  • Lesson observations with the added benefit of lesson review by both the observer and the teacher enabling professional dialogue to take place whilst watching the recording.
  • Enables teachers, upon replay at their leisure, to listen to and carefully observe pupils in order to reshape future tasks and explanations to improve learning.
  • The bookmarking facility enables both ‘strengths’ and ‘points for development’ to be clearly noted on the recording itself.
  • Now teachers really can have ‘eyes in the back of their head’ as the replay allows them to monitor the learning and behaviour of the rest of the class whilst they were focused on a group during the lesson.
  • Outstanding lessons can be recorded and replayed for staff development purposes.
Lessonbox is a great portable lesson recording tool for helping teachers develop their skills in the classroom. The lesson recording system is completely portable and very user friendly. It gives teachers the opportunity to reflect on their own teaching, share best practice and to be able to see what is really going on in their classroom.

Steve Bright, Assistant Headteacher

Behaviour and Safety

  • Monitoring of pupils’ behaviour for learning – learners’ engagement, attitude and responses during lessons.
  • Tracking of pupils’ behaviour towards others, in class and around school.
  • Focusing on an individual or group to identify the antecedents and trigger points of behavioural issues.
  • Monitoring of those flashpoint areas around school to prevent bullying and difficulties during the school day, especially at transition times.
  • Enhancing personal security and safety – visual and audio coverage greatly increases security and safety in all areas.

Achievement of Pupils

  • Raising pupil achievement through improved quality of teaching.
  • Recording and reviewing the learning of particular groups of pupils to ensure that provision is matched to need.
  • Whole or part-lessons can be recorded and stored on the school’s learning platform – ideal for revision and homework.
  • Enables staff to capture evidence of those important moments during child-initiated and teacher-led sessions when children demonstrate the characteristics of effective learning.
  • “Accurate assessment, including through high-quality observations” is an indicator of ‘outstanding’ provision in Ofsted terms.

Video is a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. Staff, students, leaders and parents can now engage with video in ways that were unattainable several years ago.

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