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Twitter is a great tool for sharing resources, understanding what’s going on in other settings and getting peer to peer opinion and advice as well as showcasing what you’re doing.

Lisa Pettifer,  Head of Professional Development, SLE and Teaching School Coordinator at a large secondary school in Cumbria, speaking in a live chat explained this really well:

Don’t underestimate the value/implications of Twitter and blogs within the ‘big pictures’ of edu debate, though. I heard Nick Gibb speak last week, and he admitted that some teacher blogs have influenced government policy.

In the first of a series of posts about how social media can influence what goes on in the classroom, and beyond, we’re focusing on mathematics in honour of World Maths Day. We’ve curated some great accounts to “add” to your news feed.

Andrew Blair @inquirymaths

Teacher of inquiry maths in secondary school, promoting student regulation of the learning process; leader of a maths department; PhD student @KingsCollegeLon

Magicalmaths.org @magicalmaths

#AST #Teacher and Leader of #Maths in an #OfSTED #Outstanding school. Aspiring #HMI. Research and perform #Magic. #ukedchat #edchat #edtech

Colin Hegarty @hegartymaths

Maths advanced skills teacher. Loves teaching. Teaching philosophy summed up by: Simplicity is the highest form of Sophistication. Founder of hegartymaths.

tes Maths @tesMaths

Craig Barton (@mrbartonmaths) sharing the latest maths news, tips & resources, including Resource of the Day (ROTD) & Resource Shout-Outs!

Laura T @mathsatschool

HoD Maths in suburban London. Tweeting generally about maths and teaching. Finally(!) finished my MA in Maths Ed.

Siobhan O’ Connor @siobhanorb

Maths Teacher, SLE. Music & film lover.

mathscpdchat @mathscpdchat

Join us to discuss mathematics CPD each Tuesday 7-8pm, and don’t forget the hashtag #mathscpdchat. See also @NCETM.


The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics. Helping teachers of Mathematics with CPD

MathsHubs @MathsHubs

Bringing locally-tailored, strategic thinking to maths education in schools and colleges, by @NCETM

Colin Beveridge @icecolbeveridge

A mathematician with nothing to prove. http://flyingcoloursmaths.co.uk 

Dr Bennison @DrBennison

Secondary mathematics teacher. Maths PhD. Computer coder. All views expressed are my own. http://blog.ifem.co.uk 

Mr Mattock @MrMattock

Director of Maths & Numeracy. Passionate about kids & teachers understanding maths. Visit my TES Shop (all free). https://goo.gl/NCimjN 

SMaR+ @SmartJacques

Primary Maths Educator; Director of SMaR+ PD – Specialists in Mathematical Reasoning and Thinking Professional Development for primary teachers.

Martin Noon @letsgetmathing

Maths teacher (2 i/c), school governor, father of two, looking to develop resources, share ideas, interested in school leadership and governance.

Mary Pardoe @PardoeMary

To help students think mathematically look out for opportunities for them to use their natural abilities. Then point out to them what they did by themselves.

MEI @MEImaths

MEI is an independent curriculum development body and a charitable organisation that works to improve mathematics education

SteveL @MaxTheMaths

Supporting primary and secondary schools and partnerships to improve subject expertise, leadership, enjoyment and achievement of mathematics

Tim Stirrup @timstirrup

Mathematics education & technology are my work interests. Formerly a Director of the NCETM, now Chief Executive of Mathspace UK.

Ian Fisher @10ticks

Maths Mogul and World Traveller (Bolton to Preston). Check out our fantastic new maths online learning system at http://www.10ticks.co.uk 

Dr Math E Matics @MathIsMyLife

Maths is my Life – I love numbers and the near limitless number of things you can do with them. I help kids learn basic maths

Virginia, USA bit.ly/TeBMu

Mathematics Mastery @MathsMastery

Our mission is to transform mathematics education in the UK. We work in partnership to empower and equip schools to deliver world-class mathematics teaching. England

Pat Cobb @PCMaths

Mathematician, Teacher, Geogebra Geek

Robert J Smith @RJS2212

Maths Teacher

Lois Lindemann @MoreThanMaths

I’m a teacher of maths & a language learner (French & German). Recently completed my MEd. My new challenge: learning to code. I’m here to learn & share ideas. Sheffield, UK morethanmaths.com/teacher

Kangaroomaths @kangaroomaths

Helping you put the bounce back into maths teaching http://www.kangaroomaths.com 

This is just a selection – who did we miss? Please do contact us on Twitter @lessonbox with your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.

Video is a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. Staff, students, leaders and parents can now engage with video in ways that were unattainable several years ago.

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